2017-2018 Coulter Endowment Grant

Call for Submissions

The Call:

For the 2017-2018 academic year, the CFC is calling for applications studying any of the following three themes:

The impact of flexible learning classrooms (formerly called BYOD classrooms).

The grant recipient studies through classroom observation, focus groups, and interviews the impact of utilizing new flexible learning classrooms (such as Killian 219, Forsyth 313, 213, 214, or 216) to facilitate more agile teaching and learning processes.
Primary Deliverable: Following data collection, the faculty researcher develops a video that cross-walks high-impact teaching practices evidenced in the literature (such as Berk/Felder) with space utilization.

The intersection of faculty fit and student retention/persistence/success

The grant recipient addresses the role of the new faculty member’s assimilation into WCU campus climate, in particular the demographic of our student populations and student perceptions of the college degree. How do we determine fit before we hire? One helpful resource may be Bruce Henderson’s text, Teaching at the People’s University (1995), analysis of faculty happiness data, or COACHE data.

Primary Deliverable: Disseminate this data to appropriate stakeholders, including academic units, service unit, and strategic planning units.

How have faculty pivoted from content-based teaching to outcomes-based teaching? And why?

The grant recipient identifies and interviews faculty who have successfully shifted towards an outcomes-based teaching model.

Primary Deliverable: On-demand media (e.g. a podcast series or sequence of videos) guiding faculty towards the use of an outcomes-based teaching model, based upon findings from WCU faculty interviews and research. Media should include practical and proven suggestions and be targeted towards different faculty audiences (novice, intermediate, experienced, part-time, full-time, adjunct)


Funding Use Examples:

Compensation for graduate student to observe classrooms

Assistance with data coding or statistical analysis


Other (should specify)



A one-page progress report to the CFC at the end of each semester of study

A two-page final report due to WCU Coulter Faculty Commons

Evidence of a significant progress toward manuscript for publication (with mention of CFC Coulter Endowment Grant as the funding source)

Before study commences, faculty will be responsible for obtaining any IRB necessary and are strongly encouraged to visit with CK (kchen@wcu.edu) in the CFC to ensure that research methods take advantage of all tools available.

Funding amount per grant will not exceed $1500.

Applications should be submitted to aparris@wcu.edu. Review will begin January 2 and continue until funds are exhausted for this year. Applications should consist of a document, no more than 2 typed, double-spaced pages in length, indicating the following:

  • Theme the researcher plans to address
  • Overview of methods
  • Research question and hypothesis
  • Funding need and planned use

Any questions can be directed to Martha Diede, at madiede@wcu.edu.