InDesign Tutorial

Creating Text on a Path

To create text along a path is fairly simple.

First create the shape you wish your type to be on. Choosing from the left side tool bar, you can create a shape with either the pen tool (3rd icon down), the line tool (6th icon down), shape tool (8th icon down), or the pencil tool (5th icon down).

Once you have created your desired shape or path, click on the type tool (4th icon down). Notice that on the type tool icon has a small black triangle on the bottom right corner of the symbol; this represents that there are more type options. If you click and hold down on the type tool icon a short list will appear of the other possible shape options, which are the type tool, and the type on a path tool. While holding down on the type tool icon, select the “type on a path tool.”

Next click on the shape or path you created where you would like your text to start. By doing so, your shape or path will turn into a blue outline on top of your shapes stroke. To make the stoke disappear go to the Stroke option on the right tool menu and make the stroke 0. By doing so the outline of the shape or path will become invisible leaving your text floating in the desired shape. Once you have clicked on the point that you wish for your text to start, you may begin to type.

After you have written your text, you may change the text font, size, leading and kerning by using the character tool. To get to this tool go to Type in the main top menu between Layout and Object. Scroll down and select the 3rd option that reads Character. A short cut is Command T. Kerning is a typography technique used to open the spacing between letters. Leading is a typography technique used to open the spacing between paragraph lines.